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The Easy Company Stamping Community

We Stand Alone Together

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This is a stamping community dedicated to the HBO miniseries, 'Band of Brothers', the book by Stephen E. Ambrose, and of course the incredible men who fought in Easy Company during World War II. Since we're a fan community first and foremost, it's expected that we draw our opinions from the impressions we get watching the series or reading the book. But the question must be burning in your mind: which Easy Company solider am I most like? Well, we're here to help you find out. Also, as a supplement to stamped members, we offer a Matchmaking Survey, in which other members of the community vote on your best love-match in the Company. So, welcome, and don't get hurt.

{ | STAMPED MEMBERS LIST - Updated 04 April 2007

{00 | It should be rather obvious, but please be polite and keep things on the level. If any arguments break out or fellow members are disrespected, we'll be right here to provide disciplinary action.
{01 | Feel free to advertise other stamping or 'Band of Brothers' related communities. Links back to this community are always appreciated in return.
{02 | You will receive your "jump wings" (or rather, stamping will occur) at Officer's discretion. The most annoying thing about some stamping communities is waiting three weeks to get stamped. We can't place en exact number of votes or an exact date on things, but currently the scheme that seems nice is as follows: fifteen votes on an application or eight concurrent votes for the same character before we stamp. Then, when your alter-ego has been sufficiently decided, you'll be rewarded with a lovely stamp to display proudly.
{03 | Did I mention that flames are considered contraband and will result in immediate dismissal? Have I made myself clear?
{04 | Posting is limited to Applications and Moderator Announcements (tagged as "Officer's Post"s) only. :-)
{05 | Perhaps most importantly, we stand alone together. Just because you're one of us doesn't mean you leave us behind. Keep voting, and keep joining in on any discussions!

{01 | LJ-cut all pictures; try to LJ-cut all surveys (they can get rather bulky)
{02 | Bold the question part of the survey to make for easier reading.
{03 | The subject line of your application must include the line "Flies spread disease, so keep yours closed!"...just to make sure you've read the rules and everything. We'd hate to find that you haven't read the rules, now wouldn't we?
{04 | You are allowed one re-up, or re-application. Please wait at least a week after you're stamped to post a new survey. You may not have a re-up unless you are active in rating. In otherwords, don't be a useless replacement.
{05 | A picture is not REQUIRED to apply. We'd like it, of course, since photos can show a lot about a personality, but guidelines will now offer you the option to simply describe your "look".
{06 | We will not stamp anyone who doesn't follow the rules.
{07| Once you've been stamped, feel free to also apply for your Easy Match Stamp - you can find the rules and regs on that one HERE! But remember - that's only once you're stamped!

{01 | You must have completed the original survey and have your stamp to apply for the Match Survey.
{02 | All of the rules on the regular survey apply. Please read them (above) carefully.
{03 | Bold the question part of the survey to make for easier reading.
{04 | The subject line of your application must include the line "Hinkle sweetie, I'm home!"...just to make sure you've read the rules and everything. Again, we wouldn't want to find that you haven't read the rules, now wouldn't we?

{01 | Bold your votes. Otherwise they may not be counted.
{02 | Vote for one character only. If you want to mention more than one character, that's great - it lets us know you were really thinking about it - but only bold one.
{03 | You don't have to be stamped to rate (but you should be stamped before posting other, non-application-related, material).
{04 | Please rate other people. Each week resident Intelligence Officer Shadow will provide recon on which applications still need votes, and hopefully that won't need to happen that often. So please rate other applicants.
{05 | Only soldiers of Easy Company that were featured in the HBO miniseries will be acceptable votes. For the most part, this makes it easier to create stamps. Secondly, most members will not have read the book. This is all in the spirit of fun and love for the show, so by all means, have fun.
{06 | Try to rate someone as a soldier they're familiar with, unless you think there's someone that they're an absolutely perfect match for. Remember, there are a LOT to choose from, so it's probably best to go with gut instinct based on applications. But if someone is a perfect match, explain why! Votes are always more fun to receive when someone's actually told you WHY you're like that person.
{07 | Please don't vote on surveys that don't follow all the rules. An Officer (or Mod, as you LJ folk call us) will be swift to point this out.


3 Favorite Books:
3 Favorite Movies:
3 Favorite Musicians/Bands:
3 Heroes:
Describe yourself in 3 Words:

Introvert or Extrovert?:
Hard Worker or Layabout (or somewhere in between)?:
Are you the leader type?:
Are you adept at raising others' spirits?:
Do you consider yourself popular?:
People who first meet you probably think you are:
How do you handle high-pressure situations?:
Are you self-motivated, or do you rely on the encouragement of others?:
Do you work through unpleasant situations for your own satisfaction, or to prove yourself to others?:


Favorite Easy Company soldier? Why?:
Favorite Episode/Part? Why?
Which solider do you most relate to, personally? Why?:
Do you have a favorite BoB quote? Please share:
I you could have taken home one souvenir from the war in Europe, it would have been:
When you get back home from the war, the first thing you're going to do is:

Please Post at Least One Clear Picture of Yourself, or Give us a Description of How You Look:


Once you've applied, be sure to check out The Company Roster
to see who else has been stamped as that character!

I was stamped as:
Astrological Sign:

First Date?
Personality Type?
Physical Type?
Romantic Type (or non-romantic, if you prefer)?
Date Movie?
Love Song?

Brains or Brawn?
Book Smarts or Common Sense?
A Lover or A Fighter?
A Dreamer or A Cynic?
Serious or Goofy?
Careful or Daredevil?
A Leader or A Follower?
Energetic or Calm?
Talkative or Quiet?
Straight-laced or Scandalous?

Who has the best personality for you? Why?
Whose smile is the best?
Who would you most trust to pick out a birthday present for you that you'd appreciate?
Who do you think would be most apt to handle YOU in an argument?
Who could best fulfill your wildest dreams (yeah, in that way)?
Who would you TRUST the most?
Who would be the most likely to put up with you in the long run?
Do you slash BoB? If yes, answer the next two questions. If not, our sincerist apologies:
/What is your favorite BoB pairing (PICK ONLY ONE)?
/Why do you prefer that pairing over all others?


Once you've applied, be sure to check out: The Little Black Book
to see who's in the lead for "The Biggest Manslut".

{ | pinkocracy - Intelligence Officer
{ | mrbnatural - Munitions Expert

HBO's Official Band of Brothers Site
IMDb's Band of Brothers Page
Band of Brothers Fansite
Band of Brothers - by Stephen E. Ambrose on Amazon
The History Channel's Band of Brothers Site

(made by our Munitions Expert, mrbnatural,a sampling of which characters you MIGHT be voted as...)
{ | Albert Blithe Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Pat Christenson Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Roy Cobb Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Buck Compton Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | William Dukeman Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Antonio Garcia Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Smokey Gordon Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Charles Grant Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Bill Guarnere Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Les Hashey Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Babe Heffron Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Moose Heyliger Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Donald Hoobler Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | John Janovec Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Joe Liebgott Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Carwood Lipton Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | George Luz Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Don Malarkey Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | John Martin Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | James Miller Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Alton More Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Skip Muck Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Lewis Nixon Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Patrick O'Keefe Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Alex Penkala Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Frank Perconte Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Shifty Powers Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Bull Randleman Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Eugene Roe Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Skinny Sisk Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Herbert Sobel Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Ronald Speirs Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Ralph Spina Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Floyd Talbert Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Edward Tipper Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Joe Toye Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | David Webster Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Harry Welsh Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Richard Winters Stamp / Match Stamp
{ | Popeye Wynn Stamp / Match Stamp

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